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Become a Rodeo Vendor!

Welcome to Cave Creek’s 41st Anniversary PRCA Rodeo!

2018 Vendor Application

Please fill out the information below. Upon approval you will receive a Vendor Contract to submit with a 50% non-refundable deposit. Your non-refundable balance must be paid in full by February 28, 2018. There will be 3 performances-Friday night at 7:30 PM, Saturday night at 7:30 PM and Sunday afternoon at 2 PM-which are approximately 2 hours in length. Gates open 2 1/2 hours before each performance. Vendors should arrive 30 minutes before the gates open. Set up will be Thursday between 10 am and 5 pm. There will be PRCA slack on Friday which is open to the public; it is your choice to be open or closed. Tear down will be on Sunday after the final performance and the Midway has cleared out.

Liability and Business Licensing

All Vendors are required to provide proof of a 1 Million dollar liability insurance policy with the Cave Creek Rodeo Days and the Town of Cave Creek named as an additional insured. Vendors are solely liable for the security of their merchandise and for their own booth set-up, security and cleaning of their space.

All Vendors must obtain a Business License from the Town of Cave Creek. The license can be acquired using the Town of Cave Creek website, You must have your business license prior to setting up your space and displayed in your booth during the event. If it is not displayed, the Town of Cave Creek Marshall may ask you to leave and no refunds will be issued. Please be aware that the Town of Cave Creek business office is closed on Friday’s.

Your Information
Space Request and Needs
Please select the booth size you need
10 x 10     10 x 20
Size Non Food Commodities Food Commodities
10 x 10 $330 $450
10 x 20 $530 $650
If your Booth is a trailer, when you are driving down the road, towing your trailer, which side is your service window on?
If your Booth is a trailer, the length including the hitch is:

Electricity (110-20AMP only)
Vendors with other power requirements (220, RV) must provide their own generator. NO generators or power cords will be provided for electrical hookups.

Direct Water Hook-Up
Water faucets are available in areas of the Rodeo Grounds; however, we have a few spaces available for a permanent hookup using a water hose you supply. Most locations you can only fill holding tanks using a water hose you supply. The water faucets are shared by everyone who needs water. Please indicate if you need a permanent water hookup on your application.

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